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  • Buying Sailboats
    If you haven't sailed yourself before and are not sure whether you would enjoy sailing, charter a sailboat to try it out first. It needn't be costly, in some places you can charter a sailboat for as little as one hour.

    If you're set on buying a used sailboat, these can be found in your local paper, at boat dealers (either online or at marinas), on the internet, and so on. To avoid potentially making an expensive mistake, don't rush out and buy any old sailboat, make sure you do the proper research. There are lots of sailing forums and online auctions on the internet, some with information you could find useful when it comes to your sailboat purchase.

    Make sure you understand the different types of boat, and think about what type of sailboat you want. Consider what you plan to do with it (will you be venturing out to sea for several days, or cruising on a lake on a weekend afternoon).

    It could also be an idea to start off with something small and not necessarily that new. Remember there might also be additional costs involved, such as insurance, boating licenses, accessories, and so forth. It can help to do a spot of window shopping, checking out prices on the internet of whats selling, and so on.

    There are also some things you could check for when intending to purchase a sailboat. Like what accessories does it come with, for example life preservers, extra sails and so on. Generally check the condition of the whole boat, including accessories such as the sails, the deck, hull, depth sounder, radios, boom, winches, bilge pump, swim ladder, instrumentation, the cabin and its facilities, etc. Also ask for receipts or a list of repairs that have been made to the boat. It is also possible your insurance company might want you to submit a marine survey to them, in which case find out if one has just been completed by the seller.