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  • Chartering Sailboats
    If owning a sailboat isn't for you, then chartering one is also an option! Less experienced boaters might want the security of having a captain or maybe even a crew for the sailboats they charter, whilst a more experienced individual could rent a sailboat to sail themselves. Before chartering a sailboat, you should consider whether you need a refresher course. And remember to ask the marina for some brief instruction on your chartered sailboat and the area you will be taking it. Also, before you set sail, you should ensure you file your float plan, know VHF frequencies for the marina, have the appropriate charts, and are aware of the shore power. You should also perform a thorough check of the boat, checking things like the sail, sail ties, cables, dock lines, bilge pump, water tank, battery, throttle, fuel levels, fuel lines, and emergency tiller.