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  • How They Work


    The main methods of propulsion are:-
    Wind power (sailing)
    Human power (paddling, rowing, pole, etc)
    Motor power (propellers)


    When a boat's weight is equal to that of the water it has displaced, it can stay afloat. The boat's mass includes the material of the boat itself, and its content, which adds to the volume of the boat.

    Hull Types

    Displacement Vessels: Will have a significant profile under water, and will move along comfortably albeit slowly. They are built to travel through water with a minimum propulsion. An example of such vessels are trawlers and big sailing vessels.
    Planing Vessels: When power is applied, these will rise up and ride along the top of the water. More horsepower is needed to raise the boat up, however because the vessel is moving on top of the water rather than through it, the resulting decrease in friction means that higher speeds can be achieved.