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  • Boating Safety
    Each time you use a water vessel, there are various safety tips to bear in mind.

    In general, you should never overload your boat (follow the boat's weight recommendations) and operate it at a safe speed, and be aware of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Always keep an eye out for hidden or submerged water hazards such as low water areas, logs and so forth, and know the navigation rules and guidelines the area you are in. Do not use alcohol yourself or permit passengers to use alcohol, and always use life jackets.

    With regards to safety equipment, adequate boat safety equipment includes items such as a fire extinguisher, a compass and Radar/GPS for navigation purposes, a VHF radio (for weather updates, calling for assistance, etc) and an auto radio transmitter, a bilge pump/bailer, a flame arrestor (important for in-board motors), and of course regulation personal flotation devices (enough for everybody).

    Before you set sail, there are also various safety checks you need to perform. Amongst these checks, you should remember to check for things like fuel leaks generally, oil leaks in the engine, drain the engine of any water, check the amount of personal flotation devices and that they are all in good condition, check steering and throttle control, check lights, check the fire extinguisher, remember to tell somebody where you are going, and so on.