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Brunels ss Great Britain

Brunel's ss Great Britain is the world's first great ocean liner. Launched in 1843 to provide luxury travel to New York, the iron-hulled steamship revolutionised travel and set new standards in engineering, reliability and speed. Today Brunel's ss Great Britain, is one of the UK's most exciting museums and visitor attractions.

Visitors step back in time in the new Dockyard Museum, before boarding ship as Victorian passengers, to explore the beautifully recreated spaces from the First Class Dining Saloon and Promenade Deck, to the Engine Room and Steerage. Passengers and crew members stories are retold through handheld audio companions. The smell of newly baked bread, musty travellers, a smoky engine room and even vomit help bring the 19th century onboard experience alive.

But it is the ss Great Britain's glass 'sea' which is proving the greatest wow factor for visitors. In true 'Brunelian' spirit, the ship appears to be afloat on what is the roof of a giant dehumidification chamber. Technological innovation, inspirational design and some truly revolutionary features were key to the ship's early success, and remain essential to her ongoing conservation in the 21st century.



Great Western Dockyard, Bristol, BS1 6TY

0117 9260680