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Founded in 2004, Camboats are Cambridge's premier Narrowboat Cruising operator. We run popular short round trips along the Cam and longer trips out to Ely on the Great Ouse to both residents and visitors alike. There are regular timetabled public tours and also private bookings on request.

Camboats offer a unique passenger narrowboat tour of Cambridge taking you along the river past the historic college boathouses. There's no need for speed, we take a relaxing cruise to soak up the history and watch some of the wildlife, even on this urban section of the river. If you don't fancy a ride on an open punt, or enjoyed your punting experience so much you want to explore the river further, try a comfortable seat on our custom built traditional style narrowboat 'Rosie.

Suitable for all ages and abilities. You are going to have a great time as an independent tourist, romantic couple, family group, community organisation, school class or even a hen party.

The cruise experience:

- a unique view of Cambridge from the river.
- listen to some interesting local stories.
- learn about the history of the River Cam.
- commentary conducted in English (with translations available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese).

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River Cam, Cambridge

The Plough Marina, Green End, Fen Ditton, Cambridge

07706 734763


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