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    Bath - May 2009

    Bath Small Green Boat Co
    Viking Warrior Boat Ride.
    Just a note to say we took the Viking Warrior w/ Dave on Saturday, May 30th in the morning and it is the best memory of our three week trip! I don't usually write like I'm doing now, but he is so nice and genuine that when people ask me my favorite moment of the trip I tell them of our wonderful, relaxing boat ride to Bathhampton. We were on the boat w/ 3 exceptional English children and their grandparents who were very entertaining and sweet...the swan family and their 6 little cygnets were wonderful - everyone ate my bread and the male tried to eat my ankle! We were going to take the double decker tourist boat, but Dave asked if we wanted to be 'closer to the water' and after thinking about it we decided to go w/ Dave.... so glad we did.... It was a week into our trip and at the end of the boat ride, it was so relaxing w/ the green river, trees, sights and smells and tiny dragonflies buzzing around, baby ducks... I actually felt like I was in a Jane Austin novel! And the best part was when I got off the boat I felt like I had had an all over body massage..... it was the first time I felt relaxed in over a week of our vacation... my muscles just turned to jelly! I hope I've convinced my husband to come back to England next year (we've been four times since we've been married 7 years ago) and I just want to keep coming back there, out of all the places in the world we could possibly go to.... and when we do, we will definately hitch up with Dave again!!!
    Barbara Sanders