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    Businesses Listed At BoatDistrict - Website Links

    Businesses listed at BoatDistrict can have multiple links to their website throughout BoatDistrict. These links will, as standard, be rel="nofollow" links. The reason for this, is that these multiple links are purely (and quite rightly) intended to help direct potential customers to any applicable business(es) that they might be seeking. The links are NOT intended for any sort of SEO manipulation for business websites listed at BoatDistrict.
    To show appreciation, businesses listed at BoatDistrict that have added a link from their website to BoatDistrict, receive a listing upgraded to a Premier listing. Premier listing links are slightly different, in that they do not contain rel="nofollow" on the main county pages, eg Result-Devon.htm, Result-Dorset.htm, etc. The links do however still contain rel="nofollow" on all other pages, as this is NOT intended as a link scheme that has the objective of manipulating page rank.