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    Below are some of the positive comments BoatDistrict has received from boat operators listed within its directory.

    "Well done boatdistrict!
    We would like to praise boatdistrict for consistently bringing a high number of referrals to our business each month - and all for free - brilliant!"
    Bessie Vee. Mevagissey, Cornwall

    "Thank you for providing a great service. A free trip on our ferry awaits you any time you're passing"
    Fowey to Mevagissey Passenger Ferry. Cornwall

    "I did get anglers who got booking info from your site so it was worthwhile. Keep up the good work."

    "Yours is the best UK boat directory."

    "Thank you very much for approving me. Link was most welcome. I think your resource is superb."
    Cflex Ltd. East Coast rivers, Orwell, Stour, Deben, Colne

    "hi just to say thanks for adding my boat, and website. Its a great website you run, any additional advertising is great. thanks again"

    "Sorry forgot to let you know that we did have a couple come onboard that were visitng the area and found us on the websight under Widife watching in Cambridgeshire." ... "so people do read website"

    "Best wishes and thanks for all you've done to promote trade for me in the past."

    "Keep up the great work and if you are ever in the area you would be very welcome on one of our trips!"

    "I have enjoyed my contact with you - I think the internet should be used to help and assist others. I have a rule not to pay for advertising on the 'net. I know people have to make a living, blah blah blah, but I do feel strongly that website owners could do more free stuff for each others' benefit."

    "Well its not every day we get offers of free advertising so yes please for Christmas"

    "Thanks and if you are ever in Bath please do come for a complimentary cruise."

    "If only one angler books with a particular boat it's worthwhile and one tells another and so it goes. I don't think in these times one can dismiss any chance at all of getting one's boat mentioned. it's not easy getting business as you know."

    "I have just checked out your website and it looks very good. I would love for us to be included." ... "I will add your link to our website today."

    "many thanks for all your help. hopefully you can come for a trip if you are in the area"

    "Nice idea of the free premier listing, website looks good and is easy to navigate, congratulations on a good job, i know myself its not easy to do!"

    "Many thanks and keep up the great work!"

    "All is great with the BoatDistrict entry, very happy with it"

    "thank you your listing for us is great. we wish you all the very best with your site"

    "thought we could also put you on our site as a link (may return the favour a bit) as we get a lot of visitors!!"

    "Very happy to be on your website! I'll put in a link on our website next time we update the information which will be early in the New Year."

    "Thanks for giving us the opportunity to advertise our boat on your website"

    "Thanks for this, you have a good site. I have applied for premier listing and have duly added your link to our site."

    "Thanks for the opportunity to advertise on your Christmas and New year venues page."

    "Thanks for a great site!"

    "Thanks for your email, and for the listing on your site which we really appreciate."

    "I got an email from my friend" ... "mentioning your website a couple of days ago. I was going to contact you but you beat me to it. Thank you for adding a link to us on your website. I will go now and add a free reciprocal link back to you. I'm very much in favour of swapping free links."

    "I just saw your webpage listing boats that coduct ashes scattering at sea. We have done this for a number of years now and wonder if we could be included."

    "We would love to be on your web site and give a return web link back to you. I will put this on today."

    "I have had a look at your website and think it looks very promising. What a good idea! I'll be delighted to add some more detail and also to put a link back to you on my site."

    "Thanks very much indeed for listing us on the BoatDistrict website, smashing."

    "Grateful for your listing, thanks. I'll recipricate next time I'm doing maintenance on my site."

    "Wow thank's Andrea, that looks great."

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    "Thank you and a very happy 2010 for you and Boat District."

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    "Just a quick note to say Thank you"

    "site looks good. I sent some details of my operation via the web form."

    "Thank you for your observations and efficiency"

    "That would be great to put the additional Cowes Week information on........ thanks for that! I will keep you updated if we have any other offers coming up on various charter yachts we manage."

    "We are very grateful, thank you very much."

    "thank you very much for your service"

    "I would like to say that your site has impressed our team of overall presentation and quality of its content."

    ..."your site. I had a look at it and found it well organised and think it would be very useful to holiday makers."

    "we looked at your website and it looks very nice"

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