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Sea Searcher Boat Trips
A 3 hour trip to see the East Thanet Coast and the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm. �30 per person.

Sunday 10 1000 Monday 25 1030
Dates and times for open seal and wildlife watching trips
A one and a half hour trip to a local seal colony in a National Nature Reserve, cost �20 per person.

Saturday 2 1030, Thursday 14 1030, Saturday 16 1045, Friday 29 0930, Saturday 30 0930
We are running open 3 hour trips, especially suitable as a taster of sea angling. Rod hire and bait included in the price of �25.00 per person. Book now!
Sunday 3, Sunday 17, Saturday 23, Wednesday 27, Sunday 31
Open full day fishing trips 0900 to 1630 Cost 45 per person.
Saturday 9, Sunday 24

Scottish Seabird Centre
'What's On' at the Scottish Seabird Centre
Puffin Club: Join us 2pm - 3pm weekends and holidays for fun make and take sessions.
2nd - 8th July 12pm - 1pm: Puffin Puppets. Come make your own cute puffin puppet in this week's Puffin Club.
9th - 15th July 12pm - 1pm: Puffin Hats. Try and spot the puffins out on the islands and make a lovely puffin hat.
16th - 24th July 12pm - 1pm: Tern Glider. To celebrate Professor Egghead's latest show come along and make a beautiful ArcticTern glider that will soar around the world!
25th - 31st July 12pm - 1pm: Whale of a Time. It's the time of year to spot whales and dolphins in our Scottish seas. Join in our Puffin Club activities and create your own whale mobiles.
1st - 31st July: Between Two Worlds Exhibition. Explore life above and beneath the waves in this exhibition. See the creatures and plants that make Scotland's seas such an amazing and diverse place.
1st - 31st July Keli Clark Exhibition in the Picture Gallery. Keli Clark exhibits a new range of work focussed on the surrounding area, beautiful landscapes and the local wildlife. Free admission.
1st July 2.00pm: Storytime by the Sea. Snuggle down for stories by the sea, suitable for ages 2 - 5 years.
17th July 2pm-4pm: Wild About Art - Whales and Dolphins. Use household scrap materials to make your own whale and dolphin models. Drop-in workshop with Alchemy Arts. Suitable for ages 4+.
All activities are free with admission to the Discovery Centre, unless otherwise stated.
Please note we will make every effort to provide this programme, but operational issues or circumstances beyond our control may necessitate the cancellation, at short notice, or any part of it.
Further information can be found at
The Scottish Seabird Centre is a charity dedicated to inspiring people to care for wildlife and the natural environment. Charity number SC025837.

Arrow Yacht Enterprises
February Mailsplat
All berths are now taken on the delivery of a Jeanneau 45 DS to Turkey starting next week. There will be six legs, the second and third of which are designed primarily for those seeking the Yachtmaster Ocean award. The remaining legs will be 5-600 miles with a stop on each route.
I shall be back in early May and have earmarked 22nd to 27th May for a practical course in the Solent. This will be at any level from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster.
Just before leaving UK, I shall be running my second Man Overboard Convention. We have 10 boats and about 30 people taking part. We talk about how to get back to someone in the water, how to secure the person alongside and then the various ways of getting the body out of the water. We then go out and practise all this. If you are interested in taking part in something like this, email me, I shall be running more of these conventions in the summer.
Did you know that up to 9 J Class yachts will be racing in the Solent on 21st July next year? It is the re-enactment of the 100 guinea cup, first raced in 1851 round the Isle of Wight. I have chartered a 700 ton vessel which will take 300 people to see this race. Gourmet food, and a spectacle of the century to watch! Again make contact if interested.
MailSplat for January 2011
Do you know that up to 9 J Class yachts will be racing round the Isle of Wight on July 21st 2012? I am planning on chartering a 700 ton vessel to take up to 300 passengers to watch as much of the race as we can. There will be a hot buttie breakfast, buffet lunch and traditional English tea included in the ticket price. Why not get a party together? Email if you are interested.

Beaufort Charters Limited
Aquacast Issue 17 / 2011
The best time for fishing is now
This is what we have been waiting for, Cod and Pollack when drifting, and at anchor not only Cod and Pollack but also Conger Eel, Bream and the sought after Bass, and that's just on the wrecks. If you want to anchor the ground then Tope, Smoothhound and Bream are also on offer.
This is always up to date every evening and although July is nearly full we have plenty of spaces in August and September. It's very easy to book, just look at the chart, pick a date that suits and then pay a deposit by going to the shop section on the website. Deposits are �25 for individuals and �200 for the complete boat. What could be easier?
Most people either use or the met office for their weather information, but the met office have a strange way of describing the sea state, "Moderate" is a good one, what does it mean? On Aquavitesse we have a bumpy scale, as follows:
Smooth - Not bumpy
Slight - A little bit bumpy
Moderate - Fairly bumpy to very bumpy
Rough - Forget it, off the bumpy scale
Please ring the skipper the night before at 1800 to find out what the bumpy scale is for the next day, but we do not look at the rain or sun, so please do not ask for this info. We always take our customers safety seriously so generally do not go out when the wind strength is more than 20 knots or force 5.
How to catch fish- not wrecks
Drifting or Gilling as it is sometimes known, is a great way to fish. It is a very active form of angling and requires great skill to be really successful but beginners can also come away with their share of the catch. In fact its well known that on occasions real beginners can out fish the experts, we have seen this on Aquavitesse more than once!
However it's always a compromise between hooking into a fish, or the great metal fish and losing your gear. So on Aquavitesse we tell everyone as we drift over a wreck 3 things:
1. When we are coming up to the wreck
2. When we are on top of the wreck
3. When we are off the back of the wreck
At 1 you must make sure you are at least 30 turns off the bottom when approaching most wrecks, this stops you dragging your gear into the wreck.
At 2 continue to drop and retrieve your gear but remember when you hit the bottom you are hitting a wreck, so no delays, quickly wind up 5 turns and then continue your retrieve cycle.
At 3 you should drop your gear to the bottom and then retrieve as before as often Pollack are sitting at the back of the wreck seeking shelter and food from the tide.
The biggest difficulty beginners face is knowing when their gear has hit the bottom, please ask the skipper if in doubt.
Also REMEMBER never stop winding until you are sure you have a fish or the wreck.

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