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February Mailsplat
Trans Atlantic:
I now have at last, the passage plan for the trans-Atlantic trip on a square rigger for this autumn and winter. The outline is:
- 22nd September - 11th December: Outbound Transatlantic Voyage. Weymouth/Liverpool - St Lucia, 80 nights total, �5200 per person total:
1. Weymouth/Liverpool - Tenerife, 26 nights, �2080.00 per person.
2. Tenerife - Barbados, 26 nights, �2080.00 per person.
3. Barbados - St Lucia, 26 nights, �2080.00 per person.
- In the Caribbean:
1. 18th - 28th December 2012, 9 nights, St Lucia - St Lucia. from �90.00 per person per night.
2. 29th December 2012 - 8th January 2013, 10 nights, St Lucia - St Lucia. from �90.00 per person per night.
3. 9th January - 19th January, 10 nights, St Lucia - St Lucia, from �90.00 per person per night.
4. 20th January - 30th January, 10 nights, St Lucia - St Lucia, from �90.00 per person per night.
5. 31st January - 10th February, 10 nights, St Lucia - St Lucia, from �90.00 per person per night.
- 14th February 2013 - 6th May 2013: Inbound Transatlantic Voyage. Adults 18-80 yrs. St Lucia - Weymouth/Liverpool, 80 nights total, �5200 per person.
Email or phone me for details.
Easter Cruise:
Fancy a trip across the Channel or along the coast to either Brighton or Dartmouth? I am planning a cruise or mileage building trip 5th - 10th April. If you fill the boat, we should be able to reduce the price. Anything from 5 to 10 berths available.
All At Sea:
Some of you may have joined my email database as a result of articles I have written in All At Sea. There is a new editor who is changing the emphasis of the paper and so, after 10 years and 127 articles, I have been given the boot. No recriminations. I wish them well.
I shall be sailing up on the west coast this summer during July and August. If anyone would like a week's cruise with instruction, or own boat tuition, make contact and we can see what we can arrange.
Sticky's MailSplat for Christmas 2011 - TRANS ATLANTIC, FIRST AID, & THEORY
I said my November mailsplat would be the last this year, but I have a little more news which may be of interest.
Trans Atlantic:
This trip is now scheduled to start during the autumn of 2012 and the destination is still Colombia. I am off to chat to the organisers on 10th January and will report in my next newsletter. The boat is a bit larger than St Jean de la Lune and has 30 berths . The outline passage plan with legs has yet to be firmed up.
First Aid:
I am running a first aid course on Saturday 28th January either here in Cheltenham or close to South Cerney. Cost is �65 a head which includes an up to date first aid manual. If I fail to get the requisite six for a course, the charge will have to be increased.
Theory Courses:
I am planning on running theory courses over the winter months as follows:
Day Skipper 21/22 Jan 2012, 25/6 Feb, 24/5 March only one taker at the moment.
Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore 7/8 Jan, 11/12 Feb, 10/11 March.
Courses will be run here in Cheltenham or if there is sufficient need, at a venue near you.
I shall be running, on demand, VHF radio courses (short range certificate) and also the Yachtmaster Ocean theory course. Please email me if interested.
Trip to Iceland:
A potential Yachtmaster Ocean has asked me if any of you may be planning a trip to Iceland or know of one. He is a volunteer crew either as skipper, mate or whatever. Please email me if you can help.
A very happy Christmas to you all, and let us hope that things improve in 2012.
Nov 2011 Mailsplat
Had an interesting delivery of a Dufour 45 to Malta, forestay broke just off Ushant. I supported the mast with two spinnaker halyards as well as the foresail halyard. Spare part failed to arrive in Gibraltar so we ended up motoring nearly 3000 miles all the way to Valetta. It is a long saga.
The delivery of the square rigged ketch to Colombia is on a bit of "hold" at the moment, 30 of you have expressed an interest, so I will update you separately as and when I have any news. If the passage does take place, it will not be until autumn 2012.
I am running theory courses over the winter and the programme looks something like this:
Day Skipper (DST).
Yachtmaster Coastal (YMT).
Yachtmaster Offshore (YMT).
Yachtmaster Ocean (YMO).
Short Range Certificate for VHF radio (SRC).
DST and YMT taught over three weekends, one a month over three months.
YMO taught either over five days or one weekend of three days and one of two days.
SRC taught and assessed during one day.
YMT 7th - 8th January, 11th - 12th February, 10th - 11th March.
DST 21st- 22nd January, 25th - 26th February, 24th - 25th March.
Astro Navigation Course, on demand.
SRC 18th February and 17th March.
If you need a course and have a quorum of four, I am happy to run any course near your home. At the moment I have lecture rooms in Wiltshire and Gloucester.
If you need a practical course over the next four months or so, email me and I will see what I can do. The sailing schools are not keen to run a course unless there are at least five students on board.
Remember the J Class race takes place in the Solent on 21st July 2012, details for watching the round the island race are on my website.
I will not be sending out another mailsplat until the new year, unless a course falls one or two short, so I wish you all a very happy Christmas and let us hope that 2012 is a better year than 2011, I do not mean just for sailing!

Beaufort Charters Limited
Aquacast - ISSUE 18 / 2012
2012 has got to be better than 2011!!
We spent more time last year cancelling because of high winds and returning deposits than fishing. Unfortunately over 50 trips were cancelled because of the bad weather and when we could go to sea, the fishing was not the best. Some days were great but too often we were chasing the fish for very little result.
We anglers are nothing if not optimistic and 2012 promises to be one of the best years for Pollack, with reports of Pollack already on the mid Channel wrecks.
Drift fishing for Pollack is one of the Skippers favourite types of fishing and you need to be fit as well as skilled to really achieve the best. The difference between having an average day and landing the fish of a lifetime is to listen to the Skipper!
The Skipper knows what lure is working well, ask him, not the Tackle Shop. It's not always the most expensive lure that is catching. Listen to the skipper when he says where the boat is in relation to the wreck, not only will you have a better chance of catching fish but you could really save yourself pounds by not losing gear to the wreck.
Watch other anglers who are catching and take note of their speed of retrieve and number of turns up that are working, all very important information!
The French boom should be placed as near to the bottom snap swivel as possible to prevent tangles and it is always good to attach the lead with a rubber band, so it acts as a weak link. If you happen to get the lead caught in the wreck it is better to lose the lead rather than all your tackle. Trace line length is always up for debate but best to start with 8 - 10 feet and lengthen once you can handle the tackle without tangles, some good anglers go up to 25 feet! A swivel is sometimes attached half way down the trace length, to prevent tangles. However this always seems to have the opposite effect, keep it simple, and finally make sure your tackle is not tangled before it disappears under the water. If it is tangled on the way down it will be tangled on the way up, a piece of logic that seems to escape half the anglers who come on board!
Sorry, but this year weekends are off the availability checker, only the occasional Saturday will we be working. Remember we also do not work on adverse tides, simply, strong tides means fishing becomes very much harder and on some tides is a waste of time.
To see the type of rigorous training we put all potential recruits through please look at this link:
At the end of last year we managed to get away from the high winds and cold weather on a 7 day trip to Key West in Florida, great fishing as always, an amazing variety and every fish from the smallest Pin Fish really puts up a fight. Skippers best was a Lemon Shark of 150 lbs and 5 foot long, but no photos as it was released by the side of the boat, it seems to grow in size every time the story is told!
The famous Pollack competition is this year set for Monday 19th March with a fall back date of Tuesday 3rd April. You need to be in it to win it!

Scottish Seabird Centre
The Harbour, North Berwick, EH39 4SS. 01620 890202.
All events are FREE for members, or included in the entry price to the Discovery Centre for non- members, unless otherwise stated. Entry to the Discovery Centre is �7.95 for adults, �4.50 for children and �5.95 for concessions. Book tickets online in advance at
Mini Makers. Weekends, 14:00-15:00, included with entry into the Discovery Centre. Fun 'make and do' sessions for kids age 4 to 8.
Nature Photography Awards exhibition. To 4 March 2012, opening hours, included with entry into the Discovery Centre. See the winners, and the shortlist, from the sixth annual Nature Photography Awards.
The Smallest Kingdom - flora and fauna of the Cape of Good Hope. 8 March, 19:30, tickets �4/�3. Many years ago, RSPB Conservation Officer Mike Fraser took a trip to the inaccessible, uninhabited island in Tristan da Cunha group in the South Atlantic which is home to approx. three million seabirds. On the way home he called in at Cape Town and was offered a research post at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town. Based initially at a field station in the Cape of Good of Good Hope Nature Reserve at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, Mike soon became captivated by the region's unique wildlife and lived at the Cape for the next 12 years. Mike has written three books on the natural history of the Cape, all illustrated by his wife, Liz, a botanical and wildlife artist. Their latest book, The Smallest Kingdom, describes the history of plant collecting at the Cape and the many flowers that it has given to the gardens of the world. The Smallest Kingdom is published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and was recently a finalist in the Inspirational Book of the Year category of the Garden Media Guild Awards, the 'Oscars' of garden writing. Information about the book can be found at Mike's illustrated talk at the Centre will describe the extraordinary wildlife found at the Cape and some of the pioneering explorers who first discovered it. Most remarkable is its floral richness - the region supports over 9,000 species of plant, with Table Mountain alone being home to more species than the British Isles.
Coastal Power exhibition. 10 March - 7 May, opening hours, included with entry into the Discovery Centre. COASTAL POWER is a new exhibition which explores both the science and environmental issues associated with the construction of wave energy, tidal energy and offshore wind farms around the coastline of Scotland. Video and poster displays examine the role of Scottish companies such as Pelamis and Aquamarine in some of the exciting new developments in wave energy and discuss the future of renewable energy around the coastline. The exhibition includes paintings by Glasgow artist Marianne Greated and visitors can also generate their own waves with an interactive model wave tank.
Walking with Birds with the RSPB. 18 March - Tyninghame. Contact Margaret Harrison on 01506 844 580.
Scottish Seabird Centre Walking with Birds. 21 March - Aberlady Bay. Contact Gordon Spiers on 01675 820 971 or 07763467790.
Walking with Birds with the RSPB. 28 March - Gosford Estate/Longniddry Bents. Contact Eppie Sweeney on 0131 445 4379.
Professor Egghead's Aqua Adventures. 31 March to 15 April, 14:00-15:00 daily, included with entry into the Discovery Centre. We have travelled the world with Tommy the Tern, battled the elements to save Puffin Planet and now it is time to dive deep under the sea in Professor Egghead Aqua-Adventures. Take a closer look at what weird, wonderful and dangerous things live beneath the waves! Part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Gerrards Cross Sailing Association (GXSA)
14 March 2012, Roland Paxton, Creation of the Bell Rock Lighthouse 1807 - 11
Professor Roland Paxton of Herriott Watt University and the Institution of Civil Engineers' Panel for Historical Engineering Works will tell us how this wonder of the industrial world was achieved on a rock up to 5 metres below high water and 11 miles out to sea.
Roland Paxton's presentation will follow immediately after the AGM. After his talk he will be available to sign copies of his book Dynasty of Engineers - The Stevensons and The Bell Rock Lighthouse, sale proceeds of which go to a charitable trust.
Wednesday March 7th, Bob and Elaine Hazell, Living the Dream
Bob & Elaine Hazell left the UK in 2008 to realise a life's ambition. Here they recall the last 9 months' fantastic experience of their South Pacific Crossing - Living the Dream - from the Panama Canal to New Zealand, and visiting many of the stunning islands en route.
19:45 for 20:15 at the GX Memorial Centre. Visitors welcome.

Hobbs of Henley
Don't miss out on our Mother's Day Cruise
Special offer on our Mother's Day Cruise...
Early Bird Offer on our Mother's Day Cruise.
Why not treat your Mother to a unique Mothers Day Lunch aboard our most luxurious vessel on the River Thames, The New Orleans, on Sunday 18th March from 12.30pm-3.30pm.
Book before 29th February 2012 and you will receive 10% off each ticket booked!
A wonderful three course meal and drink on arrival is included in the price of �35.00 per person (children's menu available), ensuring that no-one has to cook on Mum's special day!
Special Offer on our Mother's Day Cruise
Special offer on our Mother's Day Cruise ...
Early Bird Offer on our Mother's Day Cruise.
Why not treat your Mother to a unique Mothers Day Lunch aboard our mostluxurious vessel on the River Thames, The New Orleans, on Sunday 18th March from 12.30pm-3.30pm.
Book before 29th February 2012 and you will receive 10% off each ticket booked!
A wonderful three course meal and drink on arrival is included in the price of �35.00 per person (children's menu available),ensuring that no-one has to cook on Mum's special day!
Coming soon - Mother's Day Cruise competition in The Henley Standard! A chance to win two tickets for the cruise worth �70!

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