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UK & Europe
01752 687700
Boat Transport across the UK & Europe.  more...
South West Boat Transport

UK South Coast
Charter Or Hire;Public Trips;Sailing
Clarity operates the most modern fleet of luxury motor yachts in the UK. All are available for private charter and corporate events from a few hours to long term charter. Professional crew and a wide range of on board catering packages and activities complete the 5 star service. No obligation quotes available in under 1 hour.  more...
Clarity Motor Yacht Charter

UK South coast, London and Northern Europe
Charter Or Hire
+44 (0)1590 676796
Rum Jungle is a beautiful private yacht available for exclusive hire. She is a custom built 23m motor yacht with a stunning mahogany interior and classic styling. We operate at the top of the market and deliver an exceptional service to the high level of clientele who are entertained onboard. Rum Jungle is perfect for your private and corporate entertaining requirements from 4 to 40 guests.  more...
Rum Jungle

Wimbleball Lake, Brompton Regis, Somerset
Sailing for all the family. Sailing lessons by RYA qualified instructors. We sail on Sundays throughout the year plus Saturdays and Wednesdays May to October. See web site for more details.  more...
Wimbleball Sailing Club

Ye Olde Fishing Port of Brixham
Charter Or Hire;Wildlife Watching
07900 953658
Powerboat trips from Brixham Devon. Blast the Bay at 50mph or experience close encounters with grey seals, guillemots, kittiwakes on an Ocean Adventures wildlife cruise. Explore enchanting caves and towering gorges along the stunning South Devon coastline.  more...
Ocean Adventures

Appledore Maritime Museum  Appledore.  Museum  Search for Appledore Maritime Museum
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Liquid Logistics Canoeing & Kayaking  Beaulieu River, Christchurch, Studland and around the UK on demand.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Liquid Logistics Canoeing & Kayaking
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Dartmouth Yacht Charters  Dartmouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Dartmouth Yacht Charters
Romaris Yacht Charters  Dartmouth.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Romaris Yacht Charters
The Dartmouth-Dittisham Ferry  Dartmouth.  Ferry  Search for The Dartmouth-Dittisham Ferry
Saltwind of Dart  Dartmouth.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Saltwind of Dart
Devon and West Yacht School  Dartmouth.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Devon and West Yacht School
Dartmouth Boat Hire  Dartmouth.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Dartmouth Boat Hire
The Resnova Floating Inn  Dartmouth.  Holidays  Search for The Resnova Floating Inn
Devon Sailing  Dartmouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing;Lessons  Search for Devon Sailing
MV Maureen of Dart  Dartmouth.  Diving  Search for MV Maureen of Dart
Dart Harbour Sea School  Dartmouth.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Dart Harbour Sea School
Falcon of Dartmouth  Dartmouth, Salcombe, Torbay, Plymouth.  Diving  Search for Falcon of Dartmouth
MWMS  Devon.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for MWMS
The Island Trust  Devon.  Sailing  Search for The Island Trust
Happy Days Yacht Charter  Devon.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Happy Days Yacht Charter
Outside Edge  Exeter.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Outside Edge
Stuart Line Cruises  Exmouth.  Public Trips;Wildlife Watching;Charter Or Hire  Search for Stuart Line Cruises
Stuart Line Fishing  Exmouth.  Fishing  Search for Stuart Line Fishing
Tamesis  Exmouth.  Fishing  Search for Tamesis
Exe Wake  Exmouth.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Exe Wake
Rose-Ann  Exmouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Rose-Ann
SouthWestFishing Ltd  Exmouth.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing;Diving  Search for SouthWestFishing Ltd
Tiger  Exmouth.  Fishing  Search for Tiger
Spinnakers Sailing Centre  Exmouth.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Spinnakers Sailing Centre
Smuggler  Exmouth.  Fishing  Search for Smuggler
Wave Chieftain III  Exmouth.  Fishing  Search for Wave Chieftain III
Forestay Ltd  Ilfracombe.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Forestay Ltd
Ilfracombe Princess  Ilfracombe.  Public Trips;Wildlife Watching  Search for Ilfracombe Princess
Osprey Charters  Ilfracombe.  Fishing  Search for Osprey Charters
Sail Cats  Instow.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Sail Cats
Rivermaid - Salcombe Ferry Cruises  Kingsbridge - Salcombe.  Public Trips;Ferry  Search for Rivermaid - Salcombe Ferry Cruises
Exmoor Coast Boat Trips  Lynmouth.  Fishing  Search for Exmoor Coast Boat Trips
Exmoor Boat Trip  Lynmouth Quay.  Public Trips  Search for Exmoor Boat Trip
Tuonela Angling Charters  Paignton.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Tuonela Angling Charters
Atlantis Dive Charters  Paignton.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Atlantis Dive Charters
Ashleys Fishing Trips  Paignton.  Fishing  Search for Ashleys Fishing Trips
Venture Sports  Paignton.  Diving  Search for Venture Sports
Peter Bingle Boat Hire  Paignton.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Peter Bingle Boat Hire
Our Joe-L  Paignton.  Fishing  Search for Our Joe-L
Bay Princess  Paignton.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Bay Princess
Aztec Sailing  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons;Sailing  Search for Aztec Sailing
Plymouth Powerboat School Ltd  Plymouth.  Lessons  Search for Plymouth Powerboat School Ltd
Discovery Divers  Plymouth.  Diving  Search for Discovery Divers
West Country Yachts  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for West Country Yachts
Plymouth Yacht Charters  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Plymouth Yacht Charters
Mount Batten Centre  Plymouth.  Lessons  Search for Mount Batten Centre
Liberty Yachts Ltd  Plymouth.  Sailing;Charter Or Hire  Search for Liberty Yachts Ltd
Solihull Sailing Academy  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Solihull Sailing Academy
Exocet Yacht Charters  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Exocet Yacht Charters
Plymouth Naval Base Visitor Centre  Plymouth.  Museum  Search for Plymouth Naval Base Visitor Centre
Tiburon  Plymouth.  Fishing  Search for Tiburon
PlymDive  Plymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for PlymDive
Furious  Plymouth.  Fishing  Search for Furious
Primary Sailing  Plymouth.  Sailing  Search for Primary Sailing
Avocet Cruises  River Exe.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire;Wildlife Watching  Search for Avocet Cruises
Exe To Sea Cruises  River Exe and South Devon.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire;Fishing;Ferry  Search for Exe To Sea Cruises
Salcombe Powerboat School  Salcombe.  Lessons  Search for Salcombe Powerboat School
Salcombe Dinghy Sailing  Salcombe.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Salcombe Dinghy Sailing
Salcombe Boat Hire And Estuary Cruises  Salcombe.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire  Search for Salcombe Boat Hire And Estuary Cruises
Anglo Dawn II  Salcombe.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Anglo Dawn II
Sailing Tuition and Salcombe Yawl Hire  Salcombe.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons  Search for Sailing Tuition and Salcombe Yawl Hire
ICC Salcombe  Salcombe.  Sailing;Lessons;Holidays;Charter Or Hire  Search for ICC Salcombe
Tuckers Boat Hire  Salcombe.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Tuckers Boat Hire
Chapple  Seaton.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Chapple
Alan Westlake  Seaton.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Alan Westlake
Peter G Bartlett  Seaton.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Peter G Bartlett
Speed Charter 2000  Starcross, Exeter.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Speed Charter 2000
Saddles & Paddles  The Quay, Exeter.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Saddles & Paddles
Plymouth Boat Cruises Ltd  Torpoint.  Public Trips  Search for Plymouth Boat Cruises Ltd
Five Island Yacht Charter  Torquay.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Five Island Yacht Charter
Dalora  Torquay.  Fishing  Search for Dalora
Blue Sea Cruises  Torquay.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Blue Sea Cruises
Cardinal Yachts  Torquay.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons;Sailing  Search for Cardinal Yachts
MY Grand Lady  Torquay.  Charter Or Hire  Search for MY Grand Lady
Whitestrand Boat Hire  Whitestrand Quay, Salcombe.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Whitestrand Boat Hire

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