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Charter Or Hire;Diving
Diving all year round, Jurassic Coast trips, Bird watching.  more...

SailLaserís mission is to teach people to sail, involve them in the sailing community and give them access to sailboats and water activities, regardless of their gender, location, race, religion, economic status or physical ability. SailLaser Weymouth is based at the 2012 Olympic venue in Weymouth and offers a range of RYA courses for adults and children ranging from beginner to expert. SailLaser provides a new way of buying any of the high quality products in the LaserPerformance range from th  more...
SailLaser Weymouth

This is a local family run business, born and bred local skipper, who has 25 years commercial experience, specialising in Bass & Turbot angling. All abilities are welcome aboard Fish-On! Full training and safety brief is given out at the end of the jetty! 'so come on and join in the fun!'  more...
Fish-On Ltd

Supanova Charters aim to provide the Public trips with a difference, whether it be a few hours Mackerel fishing or a full blown 5 day angling trip. We don't just offer the angling we can offer you relaxed trips around the Jurassic coast, an evening out to watch the magnificent Weymouth firework displays throughout the summer. So why not get in touch and see if we can help!  more...
Supanova Charters

Charter Or Hire;Lessons
01305 858274
Experience Genuine Tall Ships Adventures:
Experience the challenge and the excitement of real tall ships adventures. Discover your true self, learn life skills, gain new confidence and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Become a member of the crew aboard the TS Pelican for an adventure you will never forget! Join the crew for a day sail, a short sailing voyage, compete in the exciting International Tall Ships Races or why not take the ultimate challenge and join us for a three-mont  more...
TS Pelican - Adventure Under Sail

01305 783739. Boat 07860 571615
Sea Angling Trips for groups or individuals from a few hours local fishing to 5 day Channel Islands trips.  more...
Offshore Rebel Boat Charters

Weymouth & Portland
Charter Or Hire;Diving;Fishing;Holidays;Lessons;Sailing;Wildlife Watching
01305 832512
Weymouth Charters lists the most desirable yachts and power boats available in the area along with RIBs, tall ships and superyachts. As booking agents for a whole host of vessels and watersports activities we specialise in creating a very special experience for groups or individuals who want to enjoy a great time on the water.  more...
Weymouth Charters

Weymouth and Portland
Charter Or Hire;Fishing;Lessons;Wildlife Watching
07916 129939
We offer a personal friendly service for up to six people. Families, anglers, sightseers all welcome.  more...
Jurassic Fishing

weymouth south coast channel islands north coast
Charter Or Hire;Sailing
Sailing catamaran with trips from 2 hrs to a week songbird is a luxury yacht that will sleep 6 overnight with great facilities or take 10 passengers during the day we also run channel trips to france and the channel islands.  more...
Song Bird Yacht Charters

Weymouth, Hamble and Southampton
Sailing;Lessons;Charter Or Hire
Skippered Cruising tailored to your needs, whether a family or a group of friends, on short cruise along the Jurassic Coast or longer to Portugal, Spain, France, and Channel Islands.
Corporate Days in Weymouth Bay.
Racing(Round the Island Race, Fastnet RORC) or training from Weymouth or Hamble. Courses through RYA for all levels of experience. Training before skippering yourself when  more...
A Yachting Experiences Ltd

Charter Or Hire;Fishing
Sea-Otter2 does 10hr trips or more if required.  more...
Sea-Otter2 Charters

Liquid Logistics Canoeing & Kayaking  Beaulieu River, Christchurch, Studland and around the UK on demand.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Liquid Logistics Canoeing & Kayaking
Dorset Cruise Company  Bournemouth.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire  Search for Dorset Cruise Company
Channel Warrior  Bridport.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Channel Warrior
Deep Seeker Charters  Bridport.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Deep Seeker Charters
Waverley Excursions  Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, London, Essex.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire  Search for Waverley Excursions
Captains Club Hotel  Christchurch.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Captains Club Hotel
Danny Boy II  Christchurch.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Danny Boy II
Blue Ride  Christchurch.  Lessons  Search for Blue Ride
Extreme RIB Charters  Cobb's Quay Marina in Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Extreme RIB Charters
Dolphin Boats  Dorset.  Public Trips  Search for Dolphin Boats
Purbeck Leisure Charters  Dorset.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Purbeck Leisure Charters
Air and Nitrox Station  Dorset.  Diving;Charter Or Hire  Search for Air and Nitrox Station
Greenslade Pleasure Boats  Dorset.  Public Trips  Search for Greenslade Pleasure Boats
White Motor Boats Ltd  Harbourside Kiosk in Trinity Road, Weymouth.  Public Trips;Ferry  Search for White Motor Boats Ltd
Jozielee  Lyme Regis.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Jozielee
Lyme Bay Charters  Lyme Regis.  Fishing;Charter Or Hire  Search for Lyme Bay Charters
Sunbeam  Lyme Regis.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Sunbeam
Joint Venture  Lyme Regis.  Fishing  Search for Joint Venture
Blue Turtle  Lyme Regis.  Fishing;Diving;Commercial  Search for Blue Turtle
Susie B  Lyme Regis.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Susie B
Acamar Sailing  Lymington & Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Acamar Sailing
Puffin Cruises (Dorset)  Lymington Quay.  Public Trips  Search for Puffin Cruises (Dorset)
Highcliffe Sailing Club  Mudeford Quay.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Highcliffe Sailing Club
Ocean Blue Charters  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Ocean Blue Charters
AquaSports Yachting  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for AquaSports Yachting
Watershed Charters  Poole.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Watershed Charters
JA Diving & Marine  Poole.  Diving  Search for JA Diving & Marine
Lady Jayne Sea Angling Charters  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Lady Jayne Sea Angling Charters
Sheila Ann Sea Angling Charters  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Sheila Ann Sea Angling Charters
Superhawk Marine  Poole.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Superhawk Marine
Brownsea Island Ferries  Poole.  Public Trips;Charter Or Hire;Ferry  Search for Brownsea Island Ferries
Silver Spray  Poole.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Silver Spray
Powerboat Training UK  Poole.  Lessons  Search for Powerboat Training UK
Babylon Charter  Poole.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Babylon Charter
Moonfleet Sailing School  Poole.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Moonfleet Sailing School
Princess Motor Yacht Academy  Poole.  Lessons  Search for Princess Motor Yacht Academy
Sail UK Yachting & Racing  Poole.  Lessons;Sailing  Search for Sail UK Yachting & Racing
Spinnaker Yachts  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Sailing  Search for Spinnaker Yachts
Quay Charter  Poole.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Quay Charter
Dive Dorset  Portland.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Dive Dorset
Portland Dive Charters  Portland.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Portland Dive Charters
Weymouth & Portland On the Water Training Ltd  Portland.  Lessons  Search for Weymouth & Portland On the Water Training Ltd
Fathom and Blues Ltd  Portland.  Diving  Search for Fathom and Blues Ltd
Protector Diving  Portland.  Charter Or Hire;Diving  Search for Protector Diving
Dive Eclipse  Portland.  Diving  Search for Dive Eclipse
Quality Time Training Ltd  Portland and Weymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons  Search for Quality Time Training Ltd
Shell Bay Water Sports  Studland.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons  Search for Shell Bay Water Sports
Shell Bay Sailing  Studland.  Sailing;Lessons;Charter Or Hire  Search for Shell Bay Sailing
Studland Watersports  Studland.  Charter Or Hire  Search for Studland Watersports
The Bournemouth-Swanage Motor Road And Ferry Company  Swanage.  Ferry  Search for The Bournemouth-Swanage Motor Road And Ferry Company
San Gina  Swanage.  Fishing  Search for San Gina
Marshs Boat Trips  Swanage.  Public Trips;Fishing  Search for Marshs Boat Trips
Swanage Sailing Club  Swanage.  Sailing;Lessons  Search for Swanage Sailing Club
Pierhead Watersports & Sea School  The Pier, Swanage.  Charter Or Hire;Lessons  Search for Pierhead Watersports & Sea School
West Bay River Boat Hire  West Bay.  Charter Or Hire  Search for West Bay River Boat Hire
Channel Chieftain  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Channel Chieftain
Bonwey  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Bonwey
Blue Water Horizons  Weymouth.  Lessons  Search for Blue Water Horizons
The Fleet Observer  Weymouth.  Public Trips;Wildlife Watching  Search for The Fleet Observer
UK Sea Safaris  Weymouth.  Public Trips  Search for UK Sea Safaris
Revolution  Weymouth.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing  Search for Revolution
PGL Osmington  Weymouth.  Lessons  Search for PGL Osmington
Wild Frontier  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Wild Frontier
Coastal Sea School  Weymouth.  Lessons  Search for Coastal Sea School
Discoverer Glass Bottom Boat Trips  Weymouth.  Public Trips  Search for Discoverer Glass Bottom Boat Trips
Als Spirit  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Als Spirit
Out-Rage  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Out-Rage
Pegasus  Weymouth.  Fishing  Search for Pegasus
Peace & Plenty  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Peace & Plenty
Katie Ann  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Katie Ann
Lone Shark II  Weymouth.  Fishing;Commercial  Search for Lone Shark II
Mojo  Weymouth.  Fishing  Search for Mojo
Portland Maritime Centre  Weymouth and Portland.  Lessons  Search for Portland Maritime Centre
Duchess II  Weymouth and West Bay.  Charter Or Hire;Fishing;Commercial  Search for Duchess II
Weymouth Whitewater  Weymouth Harbour.  Public Trips  Search for Weymouth Whitewater

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